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  • EXFOLIATE:  Before your SunnaTan session, you’ll want shower and exfoliate the face and body using either just an exfoliating mitt or a non-oil based exfoliant (NO DOVE or IVORY). Preferably, this will be done the night before your appointment, but try not to shower within 6 hours of your airbrush session. If it’s absolutely necessary, try and make it a quick rinse, rather than a long, hot shower. In a hot shower, your pores open up and your skin retains moisture. This can affect your tan by making it difficult for the tanning solution to sink in, which can result in a quicker fade and less colour development.  

  • Do not moisturize after your shower. 

  • Do not wear any deodorant, makeup, lotion, etc. to your tan. Your face and body should be free of any barriers.

  • It is best to not use oil-based exfoliates or lotions prior to your SunnaTan as they can block the tanning process, leaving a residue between your skin and the tanning solution. Our Buff Me exfoliating mitt is suggested to exfoliate your body one day before your appointment. 

  • For best results, wax or shave at least one day before. 

  • Tinting of brows and lashes can react with the tan in a negative way, causing an orange tint to the area around hair. It is not recommended to have tinting done on the same day as your tanning session. 

  • Your SunnaTan Spray Tan should be the last step in your beauty routine.  If possible, book your spray tan after services such as lash extensions, mani's, pedi's, hair colouring/cut appointment etc.

  • Make sure you have booked your SunnaTan 1-2 days (max) before your tropical vacation or 1-3 days before your special event (wedding/grad). 

  • WHAT TO WEAR:  What you wear (or don’t wear) during your airbrush session, is completely up to you. Wear whatever you are comfortable in! Some clients choose to go nude and some wear underwear or a swimsuit during their spray tan. For females - the choice is yours. Men must wear a thong, boxers or shorts. Please rest assured, we are professionals and want you to be completely comfortable!  There’s no need to apologize for un-manicured hands or feet, stretch marks, scars, unshaven body parts, saggy boobs, pimples… get the idea!  We’re here to make you feel great, and we take that role very seriously. If you do decide to wear underwear, a bra, or a swimsuit, just please note that whatever you wear, you will result in tan-lines. Keep this in mind for special occasions like weddings or graduations. We also suggest wearing something that you wouldn’t mind being sprayed with a bit of bronzer. While it is rare for the bronzer to stain, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

  • CLOTHING:  Please arrive in dark, loose fitting clothing. Think baggy, drawstring type pants if you have them, and a loose fitting shirt. The less seams, the better. Jeans of any kind are a major post tan no-no. Dresses are fine, but one thing to note if you decide to leave in a dress is that you’ll be a little sticky for 2 hours post tan. In a dress, you’re more likely to feel like your legs are sticking together or your arms to your sides. Further to that; it is best to leave the Lululemons (or any form of workout gear) at home, ladies! Function over fashion is definitely important here. Workout clothing is designed to wick moisture away from the skin, which we don’t want after a spray tan. Also, we will advise you to leave your bra off after leaving your session to avoid marks from straps and underwires while your tan is developing.  You are the most impressionable for the next 6 hours, so avoid touching your body, sweating, or coming into contact with water. Your airbrush artist will educate you on all of the above information & more during your session.

  • WEATHER:  We live in an area where the weather is sometimes unpredictable so please plan ahead and bring along an umbrella and hooded rain coat if there may be rain. We don’t want you getting caught in a downpour when you’re leaving with your fresh tan! 

  • FOOTWEAR:  Footwear is also important. There will be fresh tan on the tops of your feet, so, ideally, you would come in flip flops to avoid rubbing the tan off the tops of your feet with tight fitting shoes. However, if it’s raining or snowing, bring the loosest pair of runners or shoes that you have.   

  • NO LIGHT COLORS: There is very little bronzer transfer inside your clothing, depending on how dark we decide to tan you. Even so, it is still best NOT to wear light colored clothing to your airbrush tanning session. 

  • WE TAKE CARE OF ALL THE PREP:   Before the SunnaTan artist begins applying your spray tan, your palms, feet, lips, cuticles, and elbows will be carefully prepped with organic barrier lotions and oils to prevent any unnatural coloring. Our goal is to ensure your skin looks naturally sun kissed. As you are being spray tanned, you’ll be instructed to move into a few easy poses to ensure perfect coverage, following the natural curves and composition of your body. Your custom spray tan experience will last about 20-30 minutes.



TAN RESULTS can be expected when you let your tan develop for a FULL 24 HOURS.

  • Avoid any skin to skin contact prior to your first rinse. Be especially mindful of your hands.

  • SWEATING: avoid any activity that would result in sweating until after your initial rinse.

  • SLEEPING: Wear loose, dark clothing to bed. The bronzer may rub off on your bedding and clothing, however, nothing will stain. Do not rest your fingertips on your face or body, and limit skin-to-skin physical contact with others (cuddling, breastfeeding) to avoid color transfer. Socks and mittens can help prevent color transfer to hands/feet.

  • HANDS: wash your PALMS 30 minutes after your tan, pat dry and lightly moisturize your hands with a tan safe lotion.

  • SHOWER at the recommended time instructed by your airbrush artist ( Spray Them Solution: 12-24 hours, Express Solution 3-5 Hours, )

  • Do NOT wait longer than you have been advised to avoid over processing. (The bronzer, not your tan, will rinse off during your first shower.) You may or may not see any color after your first rinse, do not panic!

  • This is a RINSE ONLY, do not use any soaps until 24 HOURS after your tan. YOU WILL CONTINUE TO DARKEN AFTER YOUR FIRST RINSE, your full tan will appear at 24 HOURS.

    • PAT your skin dry and avoid any excessive rubbing with your towel.

    • You can still shave while you have a tan; however we do not recommend doing it daily. Always use a new razor and SunnaTan Coconut Oil to act as a buffer between the razor and your skin.

    • Use our mild hydrating SunnaTan body wash, for the duration of your tan. Do not use soaps and body wash with synthetic fragrances containing alcohol.

  • MOISTURIZE twice a day with an alcohol-free, paraben-free lotion. Use lotions that are without synthetic fragrance and alcohol. Face cleansers and moisturizers containing salicylic acid and/ or benzoyl peroxide are not recommended. We always recommend our Tan safe SUNNATan Products.

  • Spray perfume on your clothes, rather than directly onto your skin.

  • Your airbrush tan does not protect you from the sun. Please use an alcohol-free sunscreen.

  • When your tan is beginning to fade, use SunnaTan exfoliating glove to help even out your skin tone and prep for your next airbrush tan.



Drench your skin with moisture 2X per day with our recommended Hydrate Me lotion.  DO NOT use lotions that contain alcohol, fragrance or have a high essential oil content. Our SunnaTan hydrating line is paraben-free, phthalate-free, sulfate-free, petro-chemical free and comes in recyclable packaging. Contains no artificial fragrances, no artificial colours and is never tested on animals.



A few days into your tan, you can EXTEND and bring your tan ‘back to life’ with our Hydrate Me Gradual Tan Lotion! Formulated with all natural ingredients, and completely chemical free, the delicate hint of shimmer gives an immediate glow and allows for perfect even application. Clients find their face fades quick (due to products used & cleansing more). Clients love Keep Me Golden or Keep Me Sunkissed for a quick and easy pick-me-up on the face. 



COLOUR ME DARK LOTION & MOUSSE is a unique blend of organic & natural ingredients that works to extend the life of your existing airbrush tan, or alone as a do-it-yourself glow. Formulated with natural ingredients, the caramel guide color gives an immediate glow and allows for a perfectly even application. Colour develops safely, gradually and naturally. Can be used year round, especially during the long cold winter months when all your skin needs is a little bronze pick-me-up.



Is a spray tan safe if I am pregnant or nursing?

We have many clients who spray tan using our SunnaTan solution while pregnant and/or breastfeeding. While our solution is made with natural & organic ingredients, it's just one of those things where we do advise you to discuss it with your doctor. You can access our signature solution ingredient list HERE.

What's the active ingredient?

DHA is approved by the food and drug administration for use in sunless tanning products. DHA (dihydroxy acetone) is derived from sugar; synthesizes with the skins proteins, including amino acids in the outermost layer of the skin. The organic spray tan works with your natural pigments; in the epidermis (top layer) of the skin to produce a safe, natural tan.

Why didn't I get as dark this treatment as I did with my last session?

Due to the ever-changing chemistry of the body, there are times of the month that the body may be less receptive to DHA. Some people can even be DHA resistant. If a client perspires excessively during development time, this may dilute the solution and thus will not allow the DHA to absorb into the skin properly. Lastly, if the skin has residual oil or moisturizer on it, this will block the DHA and prevent the skin from reacting and changing colours. (Ask us about the pH balancing option. It will go to work to get rid of the skins daily body oils perfumes and hidden dry skin, resulting in a perfect tan)

What products should I AVOID to make my tan last longer?

Bar soaps, products with Sodium Laureyl Sulfate (SLS) and mineral oil as well as petroleum based product, will all contribute to your tan fading more rapidly. Avoid long hot baths, and exposure to cholrinated water. Any skin care products with Alpha Hydroxy, Glycolic or Salicylic Acid, Retin-A and Retinol will fade your tan more quickly as well. We recommend our line of SunnaTan products & extenders to help extend the length of your tan. 

How long does the tan last?

Your tan can last between 5-10 days, depending on how often you maintain your skin care such as moisturizing and how well you've prepped. Ask us about our face and body lotion extenders for purchase at your appointment. These extenders will help you extend your tan past 10 days.

When can I shower?

With our Signature Solution, do not shower for a minimum of 12 hours and we recommend waiting 24 hours after your spray tan for optimal color results! Final results won’t be seen until after you have your first shower.  With our Express Solution, shower 3-5 hours after the tan. Final results using Express solution, won’t be visible for 24 hours after the tan. 

Will the color rub off or stain my clothes or sheets?

During the first 12 hours after your spray tan, the bronzer may slightly rub off on lighter clothing and sheets. If it does, being a natural sugar based solution it should wash out very easily. We do recommend dark bed sheets and clothing.

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