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NMS by Cryoskin

Do you want to burn fat and build muscle without stepping foot into the gym?*

The Neuro-Muscular Stimulation (NMS) by Cryoskin is a new and powerful technology that allows you to do just that!

NMS by Cryoskin is the only technology in the world allowing you to burn fat and build muscle simultaneously.
Move over Coolsculpting and Emsculpt, NMS by Cryoskin is revolutionizing muscle stimulation and non-invasive body contouring world wide.
NMS combines electrostimulation and electromagnetic stimulation to produce contractions much higher than any other similar device. This leads to unparalleled targeted weight loss results by strengthening, sculpting, toning and firming your body.
What makes NMS the best body contouring technology?
Work the glutes, thighs, arms, calves, abdominals and obliques, and combine up to 4 muscle groups at the same time

Recommended two 30-minute sessions per week, over a period of 4 weeks with 2 maintenance sessions per month.
A 30-minute session generates 50,000 muscle contractions, equivalent to 50,000 crunches or squats
Fast and lasting results
Not only works on fat and muscle, but also activates more than 350 muscle protective ligaments, contributing to the body’s overall strength and resistance
Sessions can be customized to suit your needs e.g. pelvic floor strengthening, post-pregnancy muscular reinforcement, back pain prevention, relaxation, etc.
*A healthy diet and regular exercise are necessary to maintain results
NMS has 5 different settings which can be combined to achieve more complete results.
For controlled muscle development and generalized toning, this setting burns fat, increases blood flow, warms muscle tissue and speeds up all the reactions necessary to obtain a more efficient muscle contraction. It is ideal for women wanting to firm and tone their muscles and refine their silhouette, and men looking for muscle cutting.
This setting produces short bursts of energy without traumatic or violent movements associated with conventional weightlifting methods. The high frequency and high pulse width used, produce a deep and intense muscle contraction. This muscle fiber breaks down to rebuild. Muscle mass increases, as does muscle strength and resistance to fatigue, thanks to the creation of new slow-twitch and fast-twice muscle fibers.
This setting produces gentle muscle contractions to aid recovery from muscle fatigue and to help regain muscle strength after workouts and competition. It can also be used to train people in need of functional muscle recovery after locomotion, bone or muscle issues.
Lymphatic drainage
This setting uses a soft electric current to activate the lymphatic drainage of the lower limbs. This 30-minute session results in lymphatic drainage equivalent to that of a 4-hour walk. It is ideal for women suffering from heavy legs and water retention.
Cellulite appears when the adipocytes located in the hypoderm get bigger and gather by clusters. These clusters pressurize the skin, leading to the creation of the ‘orange peel’ effect. At the same time, hypoderm inflates, compressing blood and lymphatic vessels. This causes a lack of drainage and accumulation of fluids and toxins. NMS stimulates the oxygenation of the connective tissues, releasing the pressure on the adipocytes clusters and reducing cellulite dimpling. It also tones the upper layers of the muscles.



Single Sessions - $350


Package of 3 for $975 ($325 per session) 

Package of 5 for $1500 ($300 per session)

Package of 10 for $2750 ($275 per session)


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